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Domain Name Register

A Domain Name is a unique name that you choose for your web site. All websites are identified only by their name called as domain name (e.g: google.com, akalis.in, yahoo.com). The domain name have to be registered for having the ownership for that name. You have to choose a domain name that can be easily remembered by your user and should be as short as possible. Domain Booking is the first step towards website building and business growth.

Chennai Domain name register company

Main criteria or characteristics that a domain name can have :-

      Chennai web hosting Alphabets are accepted (e.g: queenbin)
      Chennai web hosting Numbers are accepted (e.g: 628151)
      Chennai web hosting Combination of alphabets and numbers (alphanumeric) are accepted (e.g: umari628151kadu)
      Chennai web hosting Only non alphanumeric character that is accepted is hyphen (-) (e.g: akalis-webhosting)
      Chennai web hosting Maximum length of domain name can not be more than 64 characters long (including extensions like .com)
      Chennai web hosting Domain names are case in-sensitive(i.e AKALIS.IN == akalis.in, both are same)
      Chennai web hosting A valid domain extension (e.g: .com, .in, .net, .org, .co.in, etc)

Registering Domain Name

      Chennai web hosting You can register a name for a period ranging from 1 to 20 years
      Chennai web hosting Just give them your details and choose the name you wish to own. We will do the registration
      Chennai web hosting It will cost few dollars per year per domain. The cost may vary depending on the TLD (.com/.in/.net/etc)
      Chennai web hosting Once you have registered for a domain, it may take from 24 to 48 hours before the information gets updated universally in the whois database
      Chennai web hosting Once registration is completed you are the sole owner of the name till the registration period expires

Check for the availability of the domain name in all preferred extensions. Use our tool to check - Domain Availability. If you are need a domain, contact us to work out the most suitable way to implement your requisites.

Chennai Domain name registration company


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